A Blog Named - "How We Write Our Music"

Hello friends!

Tyler here! Wanted to write a quick blog and share something with you guys. Yesterday, I went over to Chris' house and we spent a few hours working on some new ideas for the full length. This is a pretty normal thing for us, but it dawned on me that it might be interesting to let you guys see the infancy stages of a song. You're bound to see this one take shape over the next several weeks, so we wanted to give you a sneak peek on how we write music together. 

Typically, we start with a very basic lyrical concept and/or melody. This will evolve very slowly into something that has a chord progression and a drum beat. Rarely do we ever get together with the band and write new music unless we have a blueprint for a song. In this instance, Chris dialed in what he was hearing with the drums via Logic. This will likely change once Zach gets to hear the final demo, but it's always a good starting place for us. 

After we hone in on a tempo and a key, we usually jam the song on acoustic guitars until we like the chord voicing and the where the vocal melody is falling. Below is a video of us initially hashing out the song. Also attached is a VERY ROUGH studio demo with no verse section, simply the chorus. 

Eventually this will make it's way to Taylor and Michael for additional guitars and bass parts. After we arrange it live as a band, we take it to our producer Neil DeGraide, where he tweaks lyrics if needed and helps reenforce structure and arrangement!

Let us know what you guys think of the beginning phase of this one! 

Until next time...

-Tyler & ALNR