A Blog Named - "Chris' Playlist"

When I hear a song for the first time - there are a few things that tend to grab me immediately. First, what is the emotion that the song evokes? Does is take me somewhere? Can I feel the emotion the artist is trying to convey? Secondly, what's the story? Is this song just a bunch of jumbled words or is the writer pouring their heart out? Lastly, as a vocalist I'm always looking for that voice that just breaks you down and makes you listen. I love all types of music - so it was hard to nail down just 12 songs. However, I have compiled a playlist of some of my favorite songs! A playlist not for the masses but for those of us who are searching for a captivating story, a palpable emotion, or a voice that just plain breaks your heart. This playlist should do the trick. Hope you enjoy it!