A Blog Named - "Top 5"

We're pretty excited about this and wanted to share the news! We rarely participate in any contests as a band, as we did a lot of that as younger musicians and it proved to be time consuming and a distraction from songwriting. However, a few months back we were perusing one of our favorite music sites (AmericanSongwriter.com) and stumbled across an opportunity to submit our music to win $20k via a Publishing Deal with Secret Road music. We did that, and now we're a Top 5 artist! 

This is an exciting thing for us, as it could be a way to completely fund a publicist and a radio team for our full length we are working on. Additionally, Secret Road is a company that pitches music to amazing brands, shows and movies and their track record is astounding! Working with a team like that and having the capital to properly release our record is a game changer for this band. We could be getting ahead of ourselves, but it's always rewarding to know people in the industry think we have what it takes to make it, and to have positive affirmation in an industry with so much competition. You guys are a huge reason we've had success with our EP 'Foreign Land' and we're so excited about the ability to put out a full length record for the first time. 

Until next time, keep your fingers crossed for us! This could be a big deal that directly affects you guys and the trajectory of what this band has been striving for. We couldn't have made it here without you guys... so thank you!

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