A Blog Named - "Chris' Playlist"

When I hear a song for the first time - there are a few things that tend to grab me immediately. First, what is the emotion that the song evokes? Does is take me somewhere? Can I feel the emotion the artist is trying to convey? Secondly, what's the story? Is this song just a bunch of jumbled words or is the writer pouring their heart out? Lastly, as a vocalist I'm always looking for that voice that just breaks you down and makes you listen. I love all types of music - so it was hard to nail down just 12 songs. However, I have compiled a playlist of some of my favorite songs! A playlist not for the masses but for those of us who are searching for a captivating story, a palpable emotion, or a voice that just plain breaks your heart. This playlist should do the trick. Hope you enjoy it!


A Blog Named - "State Fair"

We had a great time at the fair and met some incredible new people! Thanks to everyone for singing along with us and spending the evening out at Cardinal Stadium. We hopefully will make it back next year and have even more music for you guys. If you remember, we had GoPro cameras hooked up all over the stage and some awesome friends of ours shooting video. Michael and Taylor are editing that footage this week, and we hope to release the live footage early next month, so stay tuned.  Below we've attached some stills from an incredible local photographer, Jared Burnett. Check them out by clicking on the right side of the picture for more shots!